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Sage, a well-known accounting software vendor that provides a so called b4-sage-protector which is enabled by b4-Bots as well as many other b4 functions.
If you are a Sage customer or Sage partner, please contact us to introduce you to the relevant Sage department offer this RPA service.
“Sage is the market leader for integrated accounting, payroll, and payment systems, supporting the ambition of the world’s entrepreneurs.”

dinCloud is a US based and nationwide technology company and service provider with special focus on cloud enabled services.
With an experienced team of consultants and engineers, dinCloud provides a targeted and comprehensive b4-Bots service.

“When you “hire” James (the b4-Bot), he brings along a team of business process experts. As a full-service offering from dinCloud, you don’t have to do any of the work. Our team will review what you want to test, configure the rules engine, set up the reports and dashboard, and deploy the robot.”

Cantium is an IT service provider with offices across the United Kingdom and its Headquarters  in Kent. They offers a wide range of IT services to the public and private sector. Robotic Process Automation with b4 is among their new strategic offerings that Cantium delivers out of their highly secure cloud infrastructure.

“At Cantium Business Solutions we’re proud of our Public Sector heritage, which has given us a foundation in business delivery and infrastructure insight. This uniquely enables us to drive innovation and progressive practices to deliver the best value for our clients.”

Operational Services, a T-Systems Company, provides a range of IT services.

One of their main customers is Frankfurt Airport where their Headquarters is based. Robotic Process Automation with b4 is among their new strategic offerings.
“With over 800 highly skilled staff and around 120 mil. yearly turnover, OS helps customers integrate the best technology to improve the efficiency of business processes”.

Sysback is an IT Service provider that has automation in every aspect of their services offering.
With around 150 members of staff, Sysback can support end-customers by providing RPA consultation, implementation and running the b4-Bots as a managed services where required.

“SYSback holds partnerships with the largest IT manufacturers like IBM, HDS, Netapp, Microsoft, Fujitsu, VMware and many others… SYSback operates its own Competence Center for Automation Services.”.

Based in the US Premier BPO is a business process outsourcing company that knows how to analyse, streamline and enable business processes in various industries. Robots play an important role in reducing cost and increasing efficiency for their end-customers.

“Premier BPO is a leading back office process services provider to businesses that belong to Fortune 500 & Inc. 500. Our seasoned BPO strategies and skills in business process management make us an ultimate choice for those intended to reduce operational cost and focus more on core business activities in revenue generation etc.”

OfficeITPartner is a strategic partner and AmdoSoft representative in Sweden. With around 500 members of staff and over 30 office locations, OfficeITPartner is a well-known service and solutions provider in Sweden covering the Nordic countries. The b4-Bot runs at CAPIO a hospital chain, which is provided as a managed service.
“Office IT-Partner is a nationwide group actively supporting companies, organizations and the public sector by creating business benefits with the help of innovative IT solutions.”



m3, a msg systems company is a RPA management consulting firm. They have completed over 250 projects successfully and have extensive experience specifically in network industries (such as utilities and telecommunications) and combines traditional management consulting with technological expertise.
“Based on partnership, we develop innovative solutions in close cooperation with our clients and facilitate them from the strategic approach through to their implementation.”

BSH IT Solutions is a very active AmdoSoft partner with multiple b4 Controllers. One of their main customers is TUI cruises, where they manage cruise ships business processes and applications with a special b4 Master/Slave b4 configuration.

“We offer you the complete range of OnPremise solutions for your data center, from managed services to cloud services provided by the German data centers operated by us – all from a single source. “

AKDB is one of Germany’s leading public-sector IT services providers and offers a broad portfolio of solutions tailored to meet the needs of local authorities. Their solutions and services cover finance, HR, social services, property management and more. Headquartered in Munich, AKDB employs around 900 people serving more than 4,700 customers.

“AKDB has a services and software partnership with AmdoSoft and a virtual workforce managed by their b4 Master Controller.”

With 600 employees and 11,000 customers, DPS is one of the largest Sage software partners in Germany and works with b4 and AmdoSoft to provide the b4-sage-protector to their customer base. The solution incorporates many functions and benefits also enabled by the b4-Bot.

“Important factors of our corporate culture are transparency, feedback and further education. Only with well-trained employees can we meet the requirements of the market and compete.”.

Awinta is the market leader in pharmacy ERP systems and IT service provider. Together with AmdoSoft and based on the b4 functions they offer a comprehensive automation service specialised for  their application.

“As the market leader, we believe in quality and constant innovation. Thats not enough, we are also commited to the highest degree of cusotmer satisfaciton”  is based in Finland and provides business management consultation and technology solutions. They can provide local support to companies of any size by utalising the b4-Bot.

“24Apps Oy is an IT company that provides functional IT solutions. We specialize in improving the efficiency and usability of applications, in connection with which we provide expert analysis, consulting and software.”

Schleupen AG is an software vendor and service provider that partnered with AmdoSoft over 10 years ago.
They provide b4 powered automation service to the majority of their customer in the energy sector.

“It is our goal to support you with efficient added value solutions, in order to allow you to move forward in dealing with your daily challenges. You can then concentrate on the essential aspects of your tasks.”

Allgeier is among the top 3 IT service providers in Germany and provides a wide range of services to large and enterprise companies.

“Four operating divisions, each with their individual specialist or sector-related focal points, work together in the three segments of Enterprise Services, Experts and Technology to serve around 3,000 customers from almost all business sectors.”

Eriyada Systems offers its clients a selection of specialized solutions to organize and develop their administrative and operational processes according to the best international practices in business management. Over the past decade, entrepreneurial systems have helped many enterprises reduce their risks, organize their business, and improve the quality of their management processes, competitiveness and operational efficiency. Eriyada is an AmdoSoft Partner for Robotic Process Automation in Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E.

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